5 Easy Steps to Finding Escorts in 2019

This is a 5 easy step guide to finding and contact escorts the right way in 2019.
With Backpage going down last year and law enforcement is getting smarter. We need to be more cautious in the way we find escorts. Prostitution laws vary across the world. In United States, prostitution is completely illegal. Other countries like France and Canada, allow the selling of sex but have made it illegal to pay for sexual acts.
In the US, president Trump signed SESTA-FOSTA in efforts to fight sex-trafficking. These new bills aim to hold sites like Unseen, accountable for enabling sex work. Luckily, we don’t operate within US jurisdiction. But both providers(escorts) and clients need take more caution as it’s still illegal. In Canada, only “john’s” have to worry as it’s only illegal to buy the act of sex. Selling sex is legal and even licensed in certain cities throughout. Unseen believes in freedom of speech, and consenting adult sex work.
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Seeking Escorts in 2019

Step 1: Only Use Quality Escort Sites

Avoid low quality sites such as Leolist, Skipthegames, Bedpage, Adultsearch and Cityxguide. These are websites that aim for high traffic for mass income from ads. They don’t care about you, the providers or the community. Here is where you have a choice. Stop visiting sites like these as they help aid law enforcement. Use quality sites like Unseen.Li, Tryst.link, or even Twitter.com for active and real girls.

Step 2: Read the FINE PRINT on Escort listings

You’re capable of reading and understanding, don’t play dumb and ignore what the escort has on their ad. Whether it’s no bbs, no negotiations, no this or no that; Respect what they’ve asked in order for them see you. There are hundreds of escorts in your area, so find one that suits your needs. Don’t waste your time and theirs trying to negotiate when they won’t do what you want. So if you see an escort you like, make sure you read their entire profile PRIORto contacting them.

Step 3: Read & Write Escort Reviews

Like with anything you buy nowadays, you should do some research. Especially to see what you can expect from the encounter. It doesn’t hurt to see what others have to say and make your own judgement from there, if they are the right escort for you. Did you have an unforgettable time with them? Write about your experience so other clients get a better sense of what they can expect. You review also helps escorts know how they’re doing and that you appreciate their time.

Step 4: Book with Verified Escorts

Book with verified escorts and avoid fake escort ads. Fake ads have 2 motives. They either want your money to signup for something, or wants to catch you(the “John”). Avoid all these costly mistakes by only replying to verified escorts. Don’t mistake verified escorts and verified listings – 2 very different verifications. Sites like Leolist and Cityxguide for example, use verified listings. They’ve verified that listing is valid in some way, but don’t verify the actual escort. Unseen does it’s due diligence to confirm an escort before verification.

Step 5: Get Screened & Vouched for Escorts

Due to bad clients and police, reputable escorts now need you go through a screening process. This is can be messy, but a needed step in order for escorts to be comfortable meeting someone new. This is where Unseen is aiming to improve upon. Once verified through Unseen, we vouch for you and let escorts know that you are a trustworthy client. This will make the process that much easier and safer for both of you.

Enjoy the Ride!

By following these simple steps, you’ll have an amazing worry-free experience hiring escorts. Together, with your help, you can have your cake and eat it too. Find Escorts in your area now.