New Year, New Outlook

With the new year basically upon us, a significant time jump, we always try to think of new ways to improve on our service. Wether that be the design, ease of use or safety. It’s important to have a safe plausible way to connect with each other as there are laws in certain jurisdictions that make it a little more difficult than it should be.

We originally planned to implement this feature in the future but we now have decided to push for this to be priority first; We feel it is a great way for both providers and clients today, to hop on and begin to start building this informative database to help keep this community safer.

Introducing VeriScreen; A new opt-in system that allows safer meet ups between client and providers.

Clients rate providers based on different criteria without leaving graphic reviews which will help other clients make better decisions .

Verified providers can check off each client they see and make notes other providers can screen if they aren’t sure about a client.

We are also opening up a private investment round to further help keep this site running with future developments.