BOOM – Phase 1: Veriscreen

Phase 1: Veriscreen is now out! Start signing up and getting verified while it’s still free. We will be allowing P411 transfers in a next few days as well.

This phase allows both clients and providers to get verified. Verified Clients can now leave non-explicit reviews and give likes, Verified Providers can collect reviews and likes to showcase their service. That’s right, likes, not stars, providers aren’t products, we all know they deserve the love we have to offer!

The requirements to be verified are listed in your verification link in the upper left menu after you have signed up.

During the 1st Phase; We’re offering you to be part of our Veriscreen system for Free, as soon as soon as we move onto the 2nd Phase, it will only be offered at a 60% discount. So don’t miss out on this €100 discount!

Phase 2 will introduce VID number – Verified Members will each receive their own private VID number that they can give the Verified Providers to screen them with ease.