Rules & FAQ

At Unseen, our goal is to create a safe easy Adult Classifieds service for everyone. To do so, we have provided a small list of rules for both providers and clients.

Provider Rules
1. Providers must be verified to be on our site.
2. Your profile details must be as accurate as possible.
3. Bare nudity is not permitted in your main photo.
4. Your profile is your free ad; Bump or upgrade to gain more attention.
5. Do NOT use our site to promote other competing websites.

Client Rules
1. Clients must be screened to see most providers.
2. Your provider reviews are permanent; Be as accurate as possible.
3. Be respectful to your provider and their rates as listed.
4. After seeing a provider, you must place a review on their profile.
5. Do NOT use our site to promote other competing websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are you a review board?”
We are NOT a review board, however we do allow user reviews to allow others to express their opinions about service experiences.

“What am I allowed to post?”
Your selected main photo cannot contain bare nudity(implied is okay), nudity is okay for the rest of the photos in your profile.

“What happens to my upgrades if I hide my profile?”
If you hide your profile, all your upgrades will also be hidden. Any monies paid are forfeited and will NOT be refunded while your profile is hidden.

“How can I access my balance/upgrades?”
to see your balance and status or to purchase upgrades.

“What about Underage or Illegal Adult Ads?”
We do NOT allow underage or sex trafficking ads here on Unseen. If you have reason to suspect that content distributed might be of an underage individual or is somehow connected to human trafficking, please report it immediately to the proper Law Enforcement authorities. If we are contacted by the proper authorities, we will cooperate to the fullest extent possible.