VeriScreen is Finally Here

It took us a while, but we had to make sure we designed a safe system for sex-workers — something that seems to go neglected in this industry.

Unseen’s unique review system called VeriScreen focuses on the 3 important criteria; arrived on time, appeared like photos and will see again. Each criteria can receive 1 like, for a possible total of 3 likes per review. This total is displayed along with a single line comment. This review is to the point, containing nothing too biased or explicit.

VeriScreen also features the Gentleman’s Crest; A badge of honor for the modern day man. Displayed on the client’s profile alongside their rank and confirmed documents. All verified providers can review the gentleman, rating them a +1/-1 based on their experience. Here’s where it gets better; providers can leave notes only other verified providers can view. This is helpful in determining whether a gentleman is worth their time, or at risk for safety.

It’s time clients learn etiquette and gain a better understanding of sex workers. Come join and be part of this movement in helping us gain every gentleman on our site so we can start being accountable and honorable again.

To help spread the word, we are holding a promotion to help everyone to sign up.